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Custom software development services

Our custom software development solutions

  • Architecture and infrastructure design

Each solution is based on an infrastructure made up of a certain number of components connected by predefined architecture. Both architecture and infrastructure are the cornerstones of any software. We’ve got senior architects on board. They are experienced in designing event-driven, layered, microservices, and other types of architecture. So, let’s start building the right system that will ensure the high performance and security of your operations.

  • User interface and user experience design

The success of any application depends much on its usability, which means how comfortable a user feels about using it. Like our architects, our designers are focused on creating intuitive interfaces. They are willing to interact with project stakeholders closely to discover all the requirements. As a result of thorough analysis and well-built architecture, we can deliver the product bringing great value to the business.

  • Custom software engineering

Coding should be done to see how infrastructure, architecture, and design are working in confluence. Our engineers develop any type of custom solutions: cross-platform, native, enterprise, desktop, web, and many more. We also deliver data warehouses, cloud migration services, and advanced technology implementations like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and many more.

  • Services for system integration

We offer excellent integration services in addition to standard custom products. Consider our expertise if you have an existing system, such as a multi-modular solution, and want to add some useful functionality to it. We integrate various APIs, features, and modules, as well as legacy infrastructures. As a result, this type of work is also referred to as custom software development services.

  • Automated and manual testing

Our commitment to quality is what allows our products to function seamlessly. To maintain the highest standards, our Quality Assurance team conducts a variety of manual and automated tests. Prior to the commencement of a project, our testers establish a plan and present it to clients. They then carry out all required tests, document test cases, and distribute reports to all project stakeholders. A thorough testing method enables us to deliver products that are high-performing, user-friendly, and highly secure.

  • Upgrading outdated apps

We assist clients who reach out to us for help with their outdated systems. These organizations struggle to keep pace with competitors who have adopted more advanced technologies. Our teams are equipped with the expertise needed to address these issues and modernize systems, which includes special expertise in data migration.

Are you frustrated with solutions that don't meet your needs? Large providers offer expensive and complex tools that often come with unnecessary modules. Smaller apps may not be sufficient in meeting your requirements as they may be missing key features. Additionally, many major vendors charge additional fees to tailor their products to your specific needs.

With over 50 successful projects under our belt, we offer dependable custom software development services to meet individual needs. Our team is dedicated to providing value and profit to each of our customers. Reach out to us, and we'll schedule an introductory call to show you our portfolio and expertise in the specific area you're interested in.

Our Custom Software Development Services

Choosing to outsource your software development can be a cost-effective way to ensure professional results. By working with offshore development teams, you can tap into a global pool of talent while still maintaining secure and high-quality standards at a lower cost. At Triixa, we take advantage of a well-structured software development process that includes a discovery phase to establish clear requirements and minimize any confusion with our developers. We invite you to explore the advantages of using our IT software development services.

Complete authority over project

We empower our clients by giving them access to oversee their project progress, request changes, give feedback, and communicate with engineers when needed, unlike other vendors who don't offer this level of access.

Post-launch customization flexibility

Business operations require ongoing improvements. Therefore, we provide an organized process for managing change requests during the software development lifecycle. And, we can continue to enhance and update your product post-launch.

Frequently updated reports

When creating solutions from scratch, we ensure that all parties are aligned by providing timely reports with key performance indicators, arranging on-demand calls and meetings, and promptly addressing any requests.

Elimination of unnecessary expenses

Our thorough approach to software research and development ensures you don't have to pay for unnecessary features or modules. Our discovery phase covers all aspects of the project, allowing us to provide the most cost-effective solution possible.

Our Methodology for Developing Custom Software Products

  • Group 285

The initial stage entails signing the necessary papers and accepting the basic conditions; the following stages are crucial. Right now, we discuss our goals for cooperation, settling on the terms and conditions, and getting to know one another. Close communication is made possible by initiation, which guarantees the project's success.

  • Group 216

All requirements are gathered and business gaps are examined during planning, often known as the discovery phase. In order to demonstrate the viability of your project idea, we can conduct POC testing and create the MVP as part of our bespoke software development services. Finally, you receive a thorough plan outlining the project's progress.

  • Group 287

Not just the actual coding and engineering tasks are included in the execution. Basic UI/UX design and architecture come first. We also include graphics and other visual components, create interactive prototypes, work with a client to approve them, and finally publish a solution. Complete testing and bug correction occur at every level.

  • Group 288

After your work has been completed, you can obtain specialized maintenance services. We offer individualized service, including on-call alternatives. Before or after the project, maintenance duties might be regarded as a separate activity that calls for different kinds of cooperation and agreements.

What impacts your project duration

Determining a project completion date or timeframe is a complex task as it depends on various factors, but with our prior experience and knowledge, we can provide an approximate timeframe. Some of the key factors that affect the duration are listed below.

  • Specific tasks of the project
  • Timeline expectations
  • Composition of the development team
  • Available tools and platforms
  • Change and modification requests

What affects your project costs

Software development services can have widely varying costs that are dependent on several factors, which we can discuss during a free consultation upon request. These factors include:

  • Technology stack expenses, such as licenses
  • The project's size and complexity, as well as the required features
  • The engagement model, such as Time & Material or Dedicated Team
  • Any additional or modified features
  • The expected completion date for the project

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