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Small Haul

Small Haul is a rapidly growing company in the moving industry . They approached our software company looking for a solution to streamline their business operations and gain better visibility into their performance. Our team developed an online management system that centralizes all of Small Haul's operations.











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Project overview

When we met our client, the Small Haul project was in its idea stage. Triixa Technologies had to bring the idea to life and develop it into a Hauling management product. Small Haul wanted to develop an advanced, user-friendly web-based hauling management system that will help them in operating their business smoothly and hassle-free. This IT solution will cover all workflow like estimating quotes, handling bookings, assigning crew members, invoicing, storage services, and move completion.

App Functionality

  • Giving estimates to customers
  • Sales teams
  • Bookings management portal
  • Generating invoices
  • Get payments through integrating payment methods
  • Crew management portal

  • Logistics management
  • Time sheets for sales
  • Trucks management portal
  • Intelligence based messaging system
  • Tracking revenue
  • Track sales for each person

Project Solution

Small Haul trusted Triixa Technologies to transform their business by developing a web-based and mobile platform. Previously they were handling their business through Typeforms and on excel sheets which was a lot of work to do manually. Tracking the history of moves and streamlining the process of each move was complex by doing it manually because they have to look around in lots of sheets.   

With our in-house experts, we gathered the requirement from the client. We proposed the best solution and pathway for developing the platform. A significant part of the work was to advise Small Haul about architecture and technologies to make products reliable and scalable.

We advised to build complete modules for sales team, quote estimation, invoicing, crew management, logistics, sales timesheets, truck management, intelligence based communication system and revenue tracker.

Project Result

Triixa Technologies designed and developed all the online experiences for Small Haul moving company. Triixa Technologies has developed both web portal and mobile applications for this project. Today the system is up and running and serving client according to their needs. The whole process is now streamlined through developed product that consists of managing sales teams, customers, bookings, time sheets, trucks, crew, payments, invoices and communications. Development is currently ongoing for future modules and improvements.

In terms of the team, Small Haul works with a wide array of Triixa’s core talent roles, Including UI/UX, Backend developers, Frontend developers, DevOps, and project manager.

What Our Clients Say!

Azuraye Wycoff United States

"Triixa Technologies has been a game-changer for our business. Their software solutions have increased our productivity and efficiency tenfold. The team is knowledgeable, professional and always available to assist us."

Joseph Canada

"Team did a good job of understanding the various requirements of the project. They were also flexible in adjusting to new requirements as they came up. Communication was always transparent and did a good job of sticking to milestones. I would definitely recommend his team, and am very happy with the outcome of the project and will continue to work with him in the future."

Henry Australia

"Triixa Technologies exceeded all our expectations. From start to finish, the process was smooth and seamless. The end result is a top-notch software that has transformed the way we operate. Thank you Triixa Technologies! ”

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